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Browser games are Online games which can be played right in your browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The upside for you with browser games is that there’s nothing for you to download or install, which means you can dive into the world of multiplayer online games right away and play against thousands of real players. Online games are a definite guarantee for hours of online multiplayer fun!


Trade in your city life for a taste of the country. Run your own homestead, till your own fields and raise your own cattle. Keep trespassers off your land: This is your farm now!


Cross the bounding main and earn your sea legs. Cast off for adventure and conquer the Seven Seas! Capture, plunder and pillage – nobody's safe from you. Navigate the Seafight seas, compete in multiplayer battles and unite with your allies to form powerful pirate fleets. Aye, aye, cap'n: It's time to set sail!


All hands to diving stations! Experience a fascinating underwater universe ... navigate your submarine through the murky depths of the ocean, but watch your back, because live ammo is used here!

Dark Orbit

Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot. Explore dangerous galaxies far, far away and win interstellar battles in DarkOrbit!


Experience a medieval world: Settler, knight or trader - choose the path you'll take to build your own village and settle adjoining lands.


As a mech pilot, you're in full command of your battle bot: Gigantic opponents await you in the arena, ready to hit you with all they've got!

Hell Blades

Fly into the face of danger with lifelike combat helicopters armed with precision-guided weapons. Hellblades helicopter pilots know no fear!

War of Titans

Can you hear your enemies calling? Strike fear and terror into their hearts and claim your rightful place as the strongest gladiator in Ancient Rome!

Arenas of Glory

Hone your blade for battle in the arena: Compete against thousands of real players and fight to the death either alone or with your clan in PvP duels.

Gangs of Crime

Join the world of organized crime! As a small-time crook, you're welcomed into the family with open arms and have the chance to become the mightiest mob boss of all time.


Found your own hive, form alliances with other users and work together to prove you're the bee's knees.


Personalize your hero and conquer a nation in Emporea's enthralling fantasy world: The fate of the realm is in your hands.

K.O. Champs

Put up your dukes in the fight of your life for the world heavyweight title. If you're a true boxer at heart, then fight to win!

Reign of Steel

Choose your weapon of mass destruction and go to war! Full 3D graphics and realtime multiplayer make Reign of Steel an awesome experience. Blast up to 20 players per Match to hell, earn money, buy upgrades and advance in the leaderboards!


Be a skillful merchant and build your own giant trade empire covering the whole Mediterranean. With the production and the trade of much sought after goods and exquisite treasures, you will become a wealthy nobleman.

Junk Battles

Set in a post apocalyptic world, Junk Battles is a fast paced action-strategy game where you collect parts, build a rig and battle opponents in real time all around the world!

War Machines

As a mercenary, your first goal is to win respect by crushing enemy forces on your faction's island. Do this with style by spending minerals you have seized from the enemy on vehicle technology and upgrades.

Oil Empire

Oil Empire is a Remake of the famous strategic-game - extended with many additional values. The Online-Game includes various action fields to boost the fun and keep the disport in the game.

Poison Ville

Downtown Poisonville - To clear your name, you broke out of jail. Now you've come back to a city caught in the grips of a raging gang war. Complete jobs, cruise through the streets and hang out with your friends.

Zoo Mumba

Do you love animals? Know everything there is to know about meerkats, penguins, lions and elephants? Then what are you waiting for? Build your own zoo with exotic animals from around the world. Come on down to Zoomumba!

Batlestar Galactica

The human race is on the run. And the Cylons are hot on their tails. Fight for survival in Battlestar Galactica Online - the online game based on the hit TV show Battlestar Galactica!


Bigpoint multiplayer Online games allow you to play against or with anyone else from any place in the world. At Bigpoint.com, there are more than just online games to play: You can also meet and exchange information with thousands of browser game fans here in a large community.

In Bigpoint Online games, you can form alliances with your fellow players, create strategic plans, and communicate directly with your friends. What’s so unique about browser games is that you can play them over the long term in missions that are incredibly diverse, and experience a fascinating storyline with many twists and turns. In terms of online games, Bigpoint browser games will really catch your eye with their spectacular graphics – which have a comparable level of quality with their offline siblings.

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