Game Info

Battle Royal Slot

Battle Royal Slot is based upon the British Tudor monarch King Henry VIII, who was best known for having a succession of wives during his reign. Both Henry and his wives are the focus of this 5-reel game. Each of the wives must avoid the guillotines that randomly fall onto the reels during the free spins, but the unique factor of this mode is that, instead of winning a certain amount of free spins as is usual, the free spins are unlimited until all six of the wives have been caught by the guillotine.

How to Play:
In Free Spin mode, choose one of Henry's six wives in the hope that they survive long enough to be the last wife standing and get you a prize! During the free spins a guillotine will appear on each reel and one will fall on every spin. Free spins will continue until only one wife is left. When that happens, you must select a reel to place her upon. The Long Live the King feature has you guiding King Henry VIII himself through his castle and away from the ghostly spectres of his beheaded wives!