Euro Jackpot

Added by on 2018-12-23

Euro Jackpot Lottery

It may be the new kid on the block, but Eurojackpot is already one of the richest weekly lotteries in the world and it’s getting bigger by the week. Operated across 7 European countries, Eurojackpot offers you a guaranteed jackpot of €10 million for every single draw, which means that you’re twice as likely to hit the jackpot compared to Euromillions.

Why play Eurojackpot?

Eurojackpot has been an instant hit with WinTrillions customers around the world. The 12 prize levels mean you have more chances to win and regular rollover jackpots of up to €90 million make this one of Europe’s most exciting lottery games. Thanks to the great odds of winning, more than 50 million tickets are sold for every single draw, leading to even larger cash prizes.

– Europe’s newest weekly lottery
– Guaranteed €10 million jackpot for every draw
– Regular rollovers up to €90 million