Game Info

Flying Pigs Bingo

Flying Pigs is a Video Bingo game that lets you be a part of the rich farm life in a rural countryside setting. 30 balls will be randomly drawn from a total of 60 balls. Play on up to four playable cards, which each hold 15 randomly generated numbers. Cover the rectangle or the railroad pattern to trigger the bonus round and win up to 150 times your bet. Herd up your favourite superhero swine for fun and profit – at least until the wicked wild boar charges in to ground your heroic hogs until the next round.

How to Play:
Simply cover one or more of the prize-winning lines or patterns on a card to squeal with winner's delight! If your card comes close to winning big after the first 30 numbers are drawn, you can buy up to 12 extra balls to boost your chances of living high off the hog! The Extra Ball feature is triggered if you are one number away from winning a prize of x8 or more. You will be able to purchase up to 12 extra balls, each with a cost that is calculated based on the probability of winning.