Irish Lotto

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Irish Lotto

Given that it offers just about the best jackpot odds you’ll find in any national lottery, it’s easy to see why Irish Lotto is known everywhere as the world’s luckiest lottery. With only 45 numbers to pick from, the Irish Lotto jackpot is 42 percent easier to win than its UK Lotto equivalent.

Why play Irish Lotto?

Jackpots start at about €2.6 million and keep rolling over until they’re won. The record jackpot for Irish Lotto is €25 million. Including the jackpot, there are 7 prize tiers, which means players have ample chance to become lottery winners—the Irish Lotto awards nearly €275 million in prizes each year and 1 in every 28 tickets is a winner.

– It’s 42 percent easier to win the Irish Lotto jackpot than the UK Lotto jackpot.
– Nearly €275 million in cash prizes are paid out by the Irish Lotto every year.
– 1 in every 28 tickets wins a cash prize.