Mega Millions

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USA Mega Millions

With jackpots that regularly soar above US$100 million, it’s no wonder that USA Mega Millions is so popular. Mega Millions jackpots start at US$12 million, which make them among the biggest minimum jackpots of national lotteries anywhere. Because of this game’s huge player base, jackpots often exceed the minimum level by draw time.

Why play USA Mega Millions?

Mega Millions is a rollover machine. The fans count on that and the game delivers. The game’s largest-ever rollover jackpot topped out at US$390 million and was the biggest payout in the history of American lotteries. And with its 9 different prize levels, Mega Millions offers players many chances to win.

– Mega Millions jackpots regularly rollover to more than US$100 million.
– There are 9 ways to win a cash prize.
– You can win a prize simply by matching the Mega number.

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