Game Info

Sea Hunter Slot

The cannons are loaded in Sea Hunter, a 3-reel video slot played across 5 fixed paylines featuring underwater creatures swimming in the ocean, ready to be targeted for explosive wins! It is a game for deep thinkers that welcomes you to dive in and have a blast as you explore the ocean and its living treasures. Activate the cannons by winning on consecutive spins. A meter is displayed on the cannons, and when the meter reaches the required level, a cannon power-up will be played on the next spin. As soon as there is a non-winning paid spin, the meter is reset.

How to Play:
There are four cannon power-ups:
- Growth Gun: Requires two consecutive wins. On the next spin, the cannons will shoot at one random type of symbol. All matching symbols will then be upgraded to the next symbol in the paytable. Winnings will then be calculated. The Wild symbol will never be chosen and cannot be upgraded.
- Wild Warhead: Requires five consecutive wins. On the next spin, between one and three wild symbols will be placed in random locations anywhere on the reels.
- Sticky Shot: Requires four consecutive wins. The cannons will shoot at one random type of symbol. All matching symbols, including any Wilds, will remain sticky and one free re-spin is then awarded. The meter will not reset on a losing re-spin, but will increase by one if the re-spin results in a win.
- Multiply Mortar: Requires six consecutive wins. The player is awarded one free Win Spin where a guaranteed win is awarded. The cannons will then shoot the reels to multiply the win by a random amount, up to a maximum of x15!