Game Info

Super Wheel

If you’ve ever been to Sin City, you may have noticed a ‘Super Wheel’ gracing the entrance to the main gaming floor of almost every casino. Super Wheel is one of the most widespread and popular games in Las Vegas. In this revolutionary wheel of fortune, all you need to do is lay your chips on the table and start the wheel spinning. Bet on 1 for the chance to win even money; try 3 for the chance to win 3:1 on your bet; 5 to win 5:1, and so forth. When you’re feeling adventurous, bet on one of the two illustrated symbols for the opportunity to win an astounding 47:1 on your bet!

How to Play:
In Super Wheel, your objective is to successfully predict which number the wheel will land on. A bet can be placed on any of the seven betting positions available. Once selected, pressing the SPIN button starts the game round and the Super Wheel will spin. The indicator at the top will stop between pegs to determine the winning number. All winning bets are returned to the player.