Mega-Sena Brazil

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Mega-Sena Brazil

Mega-Sena is Brazil’s national lottery game. It makes waves twice every week in the country that’s known around the world for having a good time. The minimum jackpot is guaranteed at R$1.1 million, and every 5 draws, a special draw is held offering an even higher guaranteed minimum jackpot. Jackpots have the potential to rise as high as R$35 million.

Why play Mega-Sena Brazil?

On New Year’s Eve, a special draw called the Mega Da Varida takes place. This game has a guaranteed jackpot of approximately R$110 million.

– Minimum jackpots are guaranteed. They start at about R$1.1 million.
– The jackpot has the potential to rise to R$35 million.
– Every 5 draws a special draw is held offering a much higher guaranteed jackpot.

Mega Sena is one of the most popular Brazilian lotteries! What are you waiting for? Play and win at MEGA SENA! Every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM (Brazilian time) fascinating jackpots can be yours. These roll over until they are won! Are you going to miss it? Be part of one of the most exciting and attractive lotteries in Brazil!